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FREE Stress Relief Treats Made

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Here's What You'll Get In Your FREE Kit:

* A "Virtual Vacation" Audio Download - Need to relax? Let this five-minute guided visualization help you take a quick vacation.

* 3 Key Family Manager Principles For A Happier Home - This 13 minute audio is packed great information to help you learn how to run your home -- so you feel less stressed on a daily basis.

* Healthy Breakfast Smoothies Ebook - You know that your day will be alot MORE stressful if you don't have any food in your stomach. But sometimes it's hard to find the time make and eat a healthy breakfast! Just print out this ebook and put your blender on the counter and you'll never miss a healthy breakfast again!

* "Self Nurturing For Nurturers" E-book - This is a gorgeous ebook with beautiful, inspiring photographs, quotes & pampering recipes.

* Self-Care Cards for Busy Moms - Cards with VERY USEFUL & REALISTIC stuff to do when you know you need to relax, but are not sure what to do. (Who has time for a bubble bath in the middle of the day anyway?). Simply cut out the squares, place them in a jar, and when you feel overwhelmed or just want to practice self-care, just pick a card and DO IT!

* Balance On A Budget: How To Create A More Balanced Life Even If You Can't Afford An Army of Personal Assistants." This valuable report lists creative low-cost ways to reproduce the benefits of expensive, time-saving services such as a cleaning service, personal assistant, a personal chef and more. With a little advanced planning - you can really reduce your stress! This report will show you how. It also offers advice on factors to consider when making a decision to spend time by doing something yourself, or spend money to save time and stress.

* The Power of Self-Love Audio - Sometimes when we're stressed, we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves. This inspiring audio from will remind you of the power of loving yourself in any situtation.

And there's MORE!

In Addition To These Great Gifts, You'll Also Get:

- A new, FREE stress-relief download every month - I am constantly creating and searching for valuable, stress-reducing items to give to you. It really is a pleasure for me to give you a little treat each month!

- Instant Access to the archives of the previous monthly FREE gifts.

- Occasional Updates about the latest solutions and events featured at I've got lots of great stuff planned, and you'll be the first to know about it!

- Instant Access to A Very Special Offer for subscribers only that will make your life easier, starting as quickly as your next meal!

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