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Family Manager Basics

(a.k.a. Family Manager 101)

What is a Family Manager?

Most likely, YOU (Mom) are the Family Manager.


"Family Manager" is a phrase coined by author Kathy Peel to describe the multitude of roles and responsibites of the modern mother (or father, when appropriate). As you know, being a mom means more than being a wife and parent - it also means being the household accountant, building manager, cook, gardener, housekeeper, and personal shopper - just to name a few of the roles that come with the territory! Kathy created a label that accurately encompasses what we really do for our families, and infuses our job title with the respect it deserves!

Sounds Interesting! Tell Me More..

For over a decade, the best-selling Family Manager Series of books have demonstrated that the same priniciples which create successful organizations and businesses, when applied with the 'family manager touch' will help you to create the warm, nuturing, and organized home you've always wanted.  Like any good C.E.O., every mother must know her goals, determine her strategies, and manage her human resources.


With The Family Manager System You Will Learn How To:

* Manage your home by departments, so everything and everyone stays organized.

* Involve the whole family in planning and teamwork, so you don't have to manage the family alone.

* Establish routines and delegate responsibility, so your home runs smoothly.

* Manage meal preparation, your finances, your propery, and your social life and more!

* Work smarter, with time-tested, mom-approved, "Family Manager Solutions"

* Be prepared for life's unexpected situations.

*  Take charge of running your home-without running yourself into the ground. You'll figure out how to meet your own needs, so that you can be there for yourself as well as for others.

* And More..


In short, learning the Family Manager techniques is the ultimate solution for your messy home and busy life! 

But I suspect you may have some questions at this point. Allow me to tell you what the family system is NOT about.... 


The Family Manager System is NOT about... 

A) Just Organzing Your Stuff - The Family Manager System goes way beyond traditional home organization. It doesn't just teach us how to organize our homes, it also helps us make sure that the main priorities don't get lost in the busyness of life.

B) Creating a Martha Stewart-like perfection - Family managers have strengths and weaknesses in each department and they learn to use the strenghts of their family members to create a relaxed, comfortable, yet orderly home. No perfectionists needed here!

C) Creating a rigid corporate environment - While the family manager system applies business principles to the home, it does not create a business-like atmosphere. Rather the Family Manager System will help you to create a warm and welcoming environment where family members walk through the door and think, "It is GOOD to be home."


The Family Manager System IS about:

* Helping families to work together as a team.

* Reducing marital stress due to home management issues.

* Helping children enjoy a sense of responsiblity.

* Reducing clutter, chaos, and stress.

* Saving Time, Money, and Your Sanity

* Nuturing family relationships.

* Creating a warm, welcoming home that is relaxed, comfortable and orderly. 





So...How Do You Learn To Become A Better, More Effective Family Manager?

Well, you could get one of Kathy's books and try to apply her principles on your own.


You could you get the personalized teaching, coaching, and support you need by investing in one of Sarah's  unique Family Manager Programs:

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