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Interview on The Household Helper Podcast:

"Effective To-Do Lists"

Description From The Website:

"I’m joined by Sarah Zeldman from Sarah gives us so much information to do lists. We go over what we do wrong when creating our lists, how to create a working list, and how to stay motivated. She pointed out that we need to capture everything that needs to be done then list the next action, not the projects, on our to do lists.

We should also group our tasks together according to the context zones. These zones can be the task’s location, whom else is involved in the task, the energy level the task requires and the tools needed.

To avoid procrastination, Sarah gives us her “6 D’s”: Do, Delete, Delegate, Diminish, Double-up and Discipline. She also reminds us to really ask ourselves why we are avoiding certain tasks on our list.

Sarah and I both agree that treating your home like a business is a great way to effectively manage your home. Consider yourself the CEO of your home. Manage your departments, create procedures, initiate projects and delegate tasks."

Just Click the "Play" button below to hear the audio -- (It's the little triangle!)