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Introducing The Solutions For Busy Moms "Seal of Approval"

For over two years, I have been blogging about great solutions to simplify, organize and energize your busy life. As the blog has grown, I have gotten several emails like this one:

"So, I was on your site today… and I love it. But there’s SO much info… a mom can get totally overwhelmed trying to jump from link to link to link… and then that just makes us (or should I say, me), feel overwhelmed. I was wondering… is there a way you can show us what your absolute favorite solutions are, without having to jump all over the site? "

Yes, I agree, there are so many solutions at that sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Plus there are some solutions that I, and my Family Manager Makeover clients,  adore so much that I want to make certain that every visitor to this site sees them.

Therefore, I have created The Solutions For Busy Moms Seal Of Approval to highlight the solutions that I recommend over and over again. Here it is:

The items that receive this seal are my favorite solutions because I know that they work. Period.  The solve challenges that are common to most busy moms and therefore, will make your busy life easier. Now when you come to the site, you'll be able to quickly see the best, most effective solutions that I wholeheartedly endorse. They are featured on the right sidebar, with brief descriptions (linked directly to the sites) as well as links to my review of each solution.

I have decided to "kick things off" by bestowing the Seal of Approval on 14 of my favorite books, products and resources.  More will be added soon, and subscribers to The Busy Mom's Stress Relief Kit will be the first to know about them!

If you have a book, product, or resource that you would like me to review and consider for the Seal of Approval, simply contact me at to make arrangements for your review.

Also, while I was "redecorating" the sidebars, I upgraded the options for subscribing to this blog. Look at the left sidebar. You'll see an icon of a person with a newspaper.  That's where you can subscribe to the RSS feed with one-easy-click.  If you would like to learn how to use RSS feeds to keep up with your favorite blogs, you'll find a link there too! Or, you  can choose to get an email with the newest blog entry every time I update the blog. Just look for the coffee cup icon.  

Why not go and subscribe to the blog via RSS or email right now?  That way, you'll never miss another solution again!



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