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A Solution For Hopelessly Disorganized Moms!

Here is a review that I wrote about my favorite tool for learning how to get organized.  Read below to see why I recommend this video to all of my friends and clients who feel like the need some help organizing their stuff! 


The Easiest Way To Learn How To Get And Stay Organized


The Problem:

* You look around at your messy, cluttered home and think "There must be a better way!"

* You get one area organized and it's messy again before you turn around! 

* You read articles & books about how to get organized...but nothing seems to make an impact! (And they're pretty boring too!)

The Solution: 



This DVD is the simplest & most entertaining way to learn how to get organized. Period.
It's hard to decide what the best features of Julie's presentation are!  First of all, Julie's organizing system is excellent. It's so  simple &  intuitive you'll be asking yourself "Why didn't I think of that?" Yes, you may already know some of her tips, but she puts it all into a simple system that will help you organize your entire home.
But beyond her great, easy-to-learn, organizing system is the way she PRESENTS the information.  She is an
incredibly good speaker & the visual demontrations are very helpful. This is WAY better than reading a book about how to get organized (zzzz).  You'll never need another organizing book again!
I really do use her tips and techinques over and over again. While my house is not perfectly neat all the time, every area that I DO organize using her system really does stay that way. 
 This isn't really a drawback...just a word of advice. Watch the presentation one time through and just enjoy it - don't worry about "getting it" all at once. Then give your brain a break and watch it again. Watch it a third time if you like and maybe even take notes.  By the second or third time, you'll see the "big picture" of the  system  & have the small details down.  I have  my own notes on  it , so feel free to send me an email and I'll be happy send you the notes.
If you want to learn how to get and stay organized, this video is the easiest and most entertaining way to do it. 

Click Here To Learn More About Organizing From The Inside Out DVD

Reader Comments (1)

I was able to get this book from my library, used, for a buck. Brilliant investment! Best I ever made. I love Julie's work. It's practical, doable, and not overwhelming at all.
November 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDarlene Hull

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