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There are no solutions for this. (Personal Announcement)

Due to the unexpected death of my husband, Dr. Allan (Aron) Zeldman, this blog will be on hiatus for a while.


Solutions to help you get things done when you have a baby!

You ladies know that I love to be the one who finds and shares solutions with you...but I know that I'm not the only Solution-hunter in town!

Sometimes other moms do such a great job sharing solutions -- that the best thing for me to do would be to simply point you to their articles.

I recently found one such excellent article that I simply must share. It answers that universal questions that all expecting and new moms struggle to figure out: "How will I get things done when I have a baby? Can I ever leave the baby unsupervised? If not, how will I ever shower or take a nap again?!?"

Homemaker Barbi has answered all of those questions and more in her VERY THROUGH article on the subject. She carefully details every option available to parents of infants. Where was this article when I was pregnant with my firstborn?!?

Anyway, if you are a new mom, or you know a new or expecting mom who might be worried about how she'll manage her usual routine with a baby-in-tow...then read this great article and share it!




Kathy Peel's Facebook Nightmare & A Solution To Keep Your Children Safe On The Internet

The following is from the Family Manager Newsletter. It was so compelling, I wanted to share it. I was the unfortunate recipient of some of emails from Kathy's hacked account.  Here is the account of what happened, in her own words, and what you can do about.

After battling a Facebook hacker for weeks, I am tempted to deactivate my account. As a FB newbie, I've enjoyed connecting with old friends and people who had not yet discovered Family Manager Coaching and resources. But getting hacked again and again (latest hack today) by someone who uses my FB persona to send out video links to pornography is beyond frustrating.
This horrific experience launched me into research mode about Internet safety and the dangers of Internet pornography and predators. MOMS . . . YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS!
9 out of 10 children have been accidentally exposed to online pornography (i.e. my FB experience)
The average age of exposure to pornography is 7 years old (some studies say 5 years old)
20% of teens admit to participating in "sexting"
20% of teens say they have sent/posted nude or semi-nude pictures or videos of themselves
39% of teens say they send or post sexually suggestive messages
48% of teens say they have received sexually suggestive messages
44% of teens say they it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient
36% of teen girls and 39 percent of teen boys say it is common for nude or semi-nude photos to get shared with people other than the intended recipient
33% of online solicitations of minors is via social networking sites
32% of online teens have been contacted by strangers online
Please, please don't take this lightly. Don't think this is about someone else's child. Your family is not immune, and you need to protect your family -- today. After researching the best way to do this, I highly recommend award-winning Safe Eyes. Every mom should sign up for this exceptional service so you can ...
- Allow your child to participate in social networking safely
- Be instantly alerted if your child receives or sends a suspicious message or visits a suspicious Web site
- Monitor when and how long your child is on the Internet
- Keep track of your children's IM usage and habits
(Visit the Safe Eyes Web site to learn about more features.)
Encourage your friends, neighbors, Grandma, -- anyone with a computer in a place your child visits -- to get this service. Go to the Family Manager Web site and click on the Safe Eyes button to receive a 10% discount and learn the 10 warning signs that your child is breaking online rules you've established..


What is the Family Manager Makeover really like? Follow One Woman's Journey From Chaos To Calm To Find Out!

Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to one brave mom.

Not only is she willing to wear a bathing suit on a stage...but she's also willing to share her Family Manager Makeover experience with the pubic.

The mom I'm talking about is Kellie Davis. She is a mother of nine (yes, I said NINE!), a writer for the Anchorage Family Examiner, a contestant in the Mrs. Alaska United States Pageant, and my latest Familiy Manager Makeover client.

Kellie, brave woman that she is, is going to share her Family Manager Assessment & Coaching experience in a series of brutally-honest articles in the Anchorage Family Examiner. You can see the first article in the series by clicking here.

If you've ever wondered if the Family Manager Assessment & Coaching Program is right for you, then I encourage you to follow her series to learn more about the process.

And, as always, feel free to ask questions or tell me what you think by leaving a comment!



"What Kind of Solutions Are Offered In The Family Manager Makeover Action Plan?"

If you've been following me on twitter and/or are on my Stress Relief Gift mailing list (see the box at the upper left corner?) then you know that I've been offering an "Every Day Is Mother's Day" Special on the Family Manager Makeover Assessment & Coaching Program. (It's only $149 until this Friday, May 15! Regular Price $199)

Today I got an email from a mom wanting more details about Action Plan. I figured that if one mom had the question, others probably were wondering the same thing here is the question and my response:

"Hi. I have received your emails and have some questions about the action
plan.  What sorts of things are included?  Is it primarily organizing ideas
for keeping the house in order and clean?  Does it include other things?"

Here is my reply:

The Family Manager System goes WAY beyond traditional organizing ideas.  You see, the system touches on every aspect of family management by dividing your home into 7 departments:

* Home & Property -- The maintenance and care of all tangible assets, including belongings, house and its surroundings, and your vehicles

* Food/Meal Prep -- Meeting the family’s daily food and nutritional needs of your family.
* Family & Friends -- Dealing with relational responsibilities as a parent and spouse, and with extended family, friends, and neighbors.
* Finances -- Managing the budget, bill-paying, saving, investing, and charitable giving.
* Special Events -- Planning and coordinating occasions--birthdays, holidays, vacations, garage sales, family reunions, and celebrations -- events that fall outside one’s normal routine.
* Time & Scheduling -- Managing the family calendar and daily schedule; dispatching the right people to the right place at the right time with the right equipment.
* Self-Management -- Caring for one’s body, nurturing the mind and spirit so you can run your home without running yourself into the ground.

You get  the personalized, specific that your family needs  solutions for each of these departments, as well as other ideas for getting your family to pitch in, help out, and work as a team to manage the home.


I hope that is helpful. Please feel free to leave any additional questions in the comment section below or send me an email at

Oh...and if you want to take advantage of that special price, you can find it here.

Just scroll down and click on the "Add to cart" button and the coupon button will appear. Then click the coupon button and you'll get your discount