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Hello. I'm Sarah Zeldman.

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 I'm a busy mom, just like you.

I'm also a Life & Home Business Coach.

But you can think of me as your Personal Solution Hunter.

You see, in my experience as a Professional Coach, I have have come across many awesome ideas, tools and products that help solve life's little and big problems -- but very few mothers seem to know about them.

So I created this website to share the solutions that I have found with moms around the world!

I've got so many great solutions, that you're sure to find something here for you! Whether you're a busy stay-at-home-mom, work-at-home-mom or working-oustide-the-home-mom you're sure to find some great tips and resources to make your life easier! 


I Know You're Busy...

So Here Are The Site Highlights:


* The Busy Mom's Stress Relief Kit -  You thought "goodie bags" were just for your kids!  This collection of 6 unique downloadable gifts is your FREE just for visiting this site. Each gift will help you relax and reduce your stress in a unique way. Plus, you'll get new gift every month. This is one gift that truly keeps on giving! Sign up to get your FREE gifts and then be sure to visit...

* The Solutions For Busy Moms Blog - This is the heart and soul of Here you'll find reviews and links to an ever-growing selection of unique websites, resources, books, tips and problem-solving products that save you time, money and energy! Plus, you'll find solutions from other busy moms! Please stop by and share yours! 

* The Solutions For Busy Moms Showcase Podcast - Some solutions deserve more than just a entry in the blog. Here is where you hear interviews, teleclasses and presenations I've done about my favorite solutions.
* Family Manager Makeovers -  This is an enjoyable  and affordable way to create a warm, welcoming and orderly home, with less stress and more fun!  It's your fast track to a smoothly running, organized home that you and your family will love to live in. 

* Coaching With Sarah: It's All About You - Here you'll find information on "the ultimate solution" for bringing balance, joy, energy & fun back to your hectic life! Personalized coaching sessions are the best gift you can give to yourself. It's a gift for your family too.  They will experience the effects of a happier, healthier mom!
* Solutions Organized By Category - Are you searching for a specific solution to a problem? Look here to find all of the solutions from my blog organzied by category.
* Inspiration For Busy Moms Blog -  I love finding and sharing solutions, but I love inspirational material as well. Here's my collection of heart-warming, uplifting and laugh-out loud entries about motherhood & womanhood. Sometimes inspiration is the best solution!
* Sarah's Favorite Amazon Solutions - I've gathered the BEST books and DVDs for moms right here! Take a look to find even MORE great solutions! This is really unique stuff you may not know about yet!




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